Consumer Alert: Is BISONOFFICE.COM Intentionally Selling Defective Products?

In our quest to bring voice to consumers who find themselves at the mercy of unsavory sellers, today we highlight primarily sells office supplies and furniture via it’s Website, Amazon, Houzz, and other mediums.

But is running a deceptive and unethical operation?

One need only to Google this company to see just how many consumer complaints this company has racked up.

For example, one customer, courtesy of posted his agonizing experience in dealing with

BisonOffice – The worst!, Review 818560 | Complaints Board

I had a terrible experience with BisonOffice and will never buy anything from them again. Ordered an item from them and it looked nothing like pictures on their website, items description had nothing to do with the product I received. That was actually the main reason why I decided to return it. When I contacted customer service BisonOffice rep said that first I need to send the item back and after that I’ll get my refund. Seemed logic, so I asked for further details. They said that I have to ship my item back at my own expense and that I will be also charged a restocking fee (20%). The whole thing shipping + restocking fee would cost me a fortune, it was even more expensive than I paid for my item!! What kind of return policy is that? also has quite a few painful to read reviews courtesy of

“The Worst!” – 8/30/16

I would give a 0 if I could. The worst misleading and customer service company ever. The description on the items that I brought from the company was misleading and because of that, I wanted to return them. They told me that I had to pay for my shipping along with a 20% of a restocking fee. The items only costed $150.00. Shipping the items back would cost me $120.00. That’s a total of $270.00. I would be only get backing $120.00 therefore I would be losing a $150.00… You be the judge does that make any sense at all?!?! Don’t buy from them at all!

“Won’t take back defective products. Very scammy. Buy from them at your own risk!” – 8/9/16

Terrible vendor!! Returns NOT accepted!! Scammy and dishonest. THEY REPEATEDLY DEMAND PICTURES TO PROVE AN ITEM IS DAMAGED, WILL NOT TAKE A DEFECTIVE PRODUCT BACK, and fail to understand how the two are different.

“Similar scenario – Sent wrong product, with picture evidence, refused to refund $100 order” – 8/16/16

Sent INCORRECT product – not what was ordered – sent picture back as evidence. Refused to send correct product or refund $105 purchase.

More recently, a quite harsh review has surfaced on BisonOffice on Amazon Defective Merchandise, Unethical Return Policy, Insulting Customer Service North Riverside Illinois

Easily the single most UNETHICAL and FRAUDULENT company and seller on Amazon I have ever come across.

I purchased a desk from this company on Amazon which I thought was a certain size.  Once I received it, I realized two things:

1) The company incorrectly put the dimensions of the return/credenza or omitted them from their listing completely

2) The company sold me a defective discolored desk completely different from the listing.

Their response? Send back a 300 lbs desk AT MY COST (which will be hundreds of dollars) and I must pay a 20% Restocking fee (which will also be hundreds of dollars).

So I am to lose more than half of what I paid this company for NOTHING?!?

Customer service was rude and unaccomodating and companies like this should be removed from staining

It is my warning to all consumers to AVOID BISONOFFICE AT ALL COSTS – especially on

So should,, and many other reputable sales sites permit companies like to sell products on their website?

Our team has reached out to both companies which take consumer fraud very seriously and will review

Our suggestion is that may want to review their policies and customer service before the Better Business Bureau comes a knockin’ and it begins to affect their sales.

In the meantime, it is always recommended buyers be on guard with all sellers through any medium, so you may want to take some extra precaution when it comes to

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