RyanAir & Kayak.com in Cahoots to Mislead Travelers?

conningRyanAir has certainly had it’s share of bad press in the past.  From charging customers to use the plane’s restroom to forcing travelers to check bags for obscene prices, even when their bags fit their regulations,  it seems there is no level low enough for RyanAir to stoop in order to increase profits and make traveling an even more hellish experience than it already is.

Claiming to have the “Lowest Fares in Europe” with the slogan “Fly Cheaper” certainly doesn’t ring true for the many travelers who have fallen prey to the company’s alleged misleading practices.

Kayak.com has also had it’s share of bad press and customer horror stories.

A traveler recalled his recent trip to Greece using RyanAir for a one-way 30-minute flight from the island of Santorini to Athens which was booked through Kayak.

His original 2 tickets cost a total of $153.  However, when he arrived at the ticket desk, he was informed that there is a €55 charge per person if you did not print your boarding pass ahead of time and a €67. charge for checking one bag.

Now many airlines stoop to new lows when upcharging travelers, but requiring unsuspecting customers on their vacations to seek out a printer to print a boarding pass is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.  Most “normal” airlines have computer kiosks and ticket desks.

But not RyanAir.  It appears they are COUNTING on you to not print your boarding pass in advance.  So much so that they fail mention these extra costs during the booking process in a clear way, especially when booking through 3rd-party sites like Kayak.com.

And what about those who are elderly and not savvy with computers?  My father would not know the first thing about doing this.  In a sense, this could be a form of age-discrimination.  And sadly, “portable travel printers” have not caught on.

All of this begs the question, are RyanAir and Kayak in cahoots to mislead customers?

Kayak.com, who claims to make the booking process simpler posts flight prices for RyanAir, yet also fails to mention the excessive fees from RyanAir during the process.

Both claim that they give a small link, which is not direct, of these stipulations to a page on RyanAir.com’s site ironically titled “THE SMALL PRINT“.

It appears as if RyanAir is openly admitting to the fact that their extra costs and stipulations are hard to read!

With both Kayak.com and RyanAir seemingly mocking and laughing in customer’s faces, it is important for travelers to be selective and always read the fine print as well as EVERY tiny link on the airline’s website before traveling.

In addition, this author’s recommendation is to avoid sites like Kayak.com who do not adequately provide all the necessary extra costs or information when booking through them and RyanAir who appears to look for any way to take more money out of your pocket.

Safe Travels!

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