KLM Decided To Use Recycled Cooking Oil on 200 Flights

On Wednesday, The Dutch airline KLM announced to fly its 200 flights between Paris and Amsterdam using recycled cooking oil.

The fuel used i.e  biokerosene is derived from used frying oil, which was tested to meet the same technical specifications as traditional kerosene.

Airlines are under EU pressure to cut their carbon emissions by 3% by 2012.

KLM’s interest in biofuels reminds of 2009, when the company ran its first test flight carrying 40 people along with the Dutch Economics Affairs Minister.

The 90-minute flight was powered by traditional aviation fuel, with just one of the its four engines powered 50% by biofuel.

Future flights are likely to fly on half traditional kerosene and half biofuel.

KLM said its supplies are collected from hotels, restaurants and factories and then sent to the US for refining. The company has stocked only that much bio fuel as sufficient for 200 journeys.

KLM’s managing director, Camiel Eurlings, said that the company aims to go further ahead having high future prospects. The route to 100% sustainable energy is enormously challenging and the company needs to integrate its actions to attain continuous access to sustainable fuel.

The biokerosene flights are expected to takeoff from the ground in September and the company is likely to fly a fleet of six flights a day between the two cities.


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