STEVIA CORP (STEV) Pops Up On Above Average Volume

On Monday October 31, 2011, STEVIA CORP  (OTC:STEV) shares jumped 2.45% to $0.92 after today that it has deliberately engaged Growers Synergy Pte Ltd in the provision of farm management supervision in Vietnam along with ensuring that Stevia Corp.’s proprietary G-Farm systems is being adopted by contracted Vietnamese growers.

Stevia Corp. is a company based on farm management, extensively involved in the the economic development of Stevia through the adoption of proprietary plant breeding, excellent agricultural methodologies and innovative post-harvest techniques. Stevia is an alternative sweetener. The Company possesses two grower supply contracts and three nursery fields in Vietnam.

G-Farm Systems and MS Technology are trademarks of Agro Genesis Pte. Ltd, The G-Farm system being a novel crop production system, incorporates supreme quality sustainable farming practices and chemical-free solutions in the production of crops, whereas, Micro Suspension (MS) Technology is the producer of highly efficient MS fertilizers to increase crop yield and quality.

Apart from providing farm management supervision, Growers Synergy is also required to provide off-take agreements for the multi/inter-cropping component of the G-Farm system that will set up in Vietnam, thereby enabling Stevia to offer market for all products produced by the farmers as part of its Stevia program, thus achieving profitable harvests for farmers that adopt the G-Farm system. This in turn will enhance the popularity and marketability for the quick adaptation of Stevia among the local farming communities.

Mr. George Blankenbaker, Stevia Corp. President, acknlowledged that they are convinced with the Growers Synergy’s cross-cultural experience in improvising the work experience with indigenous farmers and its ability to provide off-take agreements with ready markets for the multi/inter-crops, which they believe will prove to be effective in the rapid adoption of Stevia Corp.’s G-Farm systems, thereby enhancing the successful commercialization of high Reb-A Stevia production within South East Asia.


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