Yippy Inc (YIPI) Jumps On launch of YuckOut

On Tuesday October 25, 2011, Yippy Inc  (PINK:YIPI) a budding economy technology company has officially launched the YuckOut today. Yuckout.com has been developed and designed for K8 Educational Institutions, for providing children of ages 12 and below with a free ad-supported web search.

Yippy, Inc. is a Fort Myers, Florida, based Technology Company engaged in developing technologies and application services, providing family friendly educational search engine and web portal for both consumer and commercial market segments.

Rich Granville, CEO of Yippy, Inc. acknowledged that  YuckOut provides educators with a choice, offering fully customizable controls on content and a display that functions well on iPhones, iPads and other related mobile products. He further stated that they believe that the people have been convinced with their business strategies with their closure of Ad-tech. hence there next endeavor includes there effort to compete against Google for consumer search., since Google is the dominant competitor controling the vast majority of the market with a program which they consider to be outdated and insignificant as compared to every category of Yippy Custom Search.

Granville said that at present they have completed all educational engines, and are now planning to arrange for a meeting with major websites and brands at Ad-tech, showcasing the efficiency of their program, in order to achieve user retention and to accelerate the revenue income thereby expanding their presence by means of major advertising campaigns.

Shares of YIPI climbed 6.25% to $0.425 with more than 77K shares traded hands – 3X its average volume of 27K shares.


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