IceWEB to release shortly an innovative, high-end IceWEB storage platform

On Monday August 29, 2011, IceWEB, Inc. (OTC:IWEB), headquartered in the outskirts of Washington, D.C. a firm extensively involved in manufacturing and marketing of Unified Data Storage and building blocks for cloud storage networks, announced about its future prospect of releasing an innovative, high-end IceWEB storage platform enabling the multiple performance tiers of storage in a single platform.

The respective storage platform offers the cloud service providers with the capability to support multiple applications and services in a single cost effective platform. Database and virtual machines from the performance tier and backup services from a capacity tier can be provided by Cloud service providers. Furthermore, a hybrid storage pool can be created through the application of solid-state disk drive to the performance tier by IceWEB customers.

According to an estimated market growth data derived by International Data Corporation (IDC) the networked storage market increased to $17.55 billion in 2010. As new business information increases 50% every year an accelerating segment of that market is close to the peak.

This effective growth in data proves to be beneficial for everyone. Demand for unified storage systems continues to increase with respect to the supply side. Businesses now possess high-speed data access to help the consumers make better decisions, recognize business trends, and discover new customer preferences.

John R. Signorello, IceWEB CEO acknowledged that with the perspective of meeting the growing demand of high-performance cloud-driven customers the announcement of their IceWEB 6000-HA (High Availability) and 6000-HB (Hybrid) Unified Storage Platforms is made. He added further the strategy of the company to elevate its share in this fast growing high performance market has been implemented by the announcement of their latest solid state drive hybrid array technology and new expansion disk shelves.

Shares of IWEB climbed 5% to $0.20 on over 20K shares.


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