Allezoe Medical Holdings Inc (ALZM) Ended Lower On High Volume

Announcement of global release of the HPV diagnostic technology was made by Allezoe Medical Holdings Inc (OTC:ALZM), subsequent to its earlier announcement, in which it was stated the acquisition of “see and treat” technology for Human Papillomavirus (HPV), by the company is in process.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a major sexually transmitted infection, causing cervical cancer in women around the world. In addition to cervical cancer, HPV has been identified as the cause of a wide range of other cancers in both men and women. Screening for cervical cancer and its precursors (including HPV) remains the top strategy for cancer prevention.

Estimation reveals that 20 Million American women ages 15 and over are infected with HPV, with millions of new cases diagnosed each year. Across the globe, approximately 233 million women ages 15 and over are infected with HPV.

Allezoe’s strategy is to look forward to the huge market opportunity for the technology abroad, besides the American market which alone accounts for $6B diagnosis and treatment market for HPV (primary screening alone is over $2B).

CEO of Allezoe Michael Gelmon stated that a system is required with which more people can be tested globally, rather than just 10% which prevails currently. It is anticipated by them of becoming the standard for medical offices in Los Angeles as easily as villages in South America, Africa, and throughout the world by offering thorough (98% accuracy), convenient and inexpensive screening for HPV.

Allezoe believes its SureScreen(TM) technology has the potentiality to appeal the World Health Organization, which is in favor of developing simple, affordable and accurate methods of HPV testing with comprehensive guidelines for its use in screening programmes as suggested by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer. A wholly owned subsidiary is about to be launched by Allezoe, that would be entitled to carry out the regulatory processes and the market launch operations globally, which would also look after the patent pending application and related intellectual property it is acquiring.

Shares of ALZM fell 10.07% to $0.393 on over 2.68 million shares.


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