AlumiFuel Power Corporation (AFPW) Shares Soared 140% On Hefty Volume

AlumiFuel Power Corporation (OTC:AFPW), engaged in the generation and development of hydrogen gas and superheated steam had announced that the alternate energy producer had received an initial order by the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) to deliver a PBIS-2000 Portable Balloon Inflation System.

The Company’s Portable Balloon Inflation System produces hydrogen gas from a simple combination of Alumifuel’s proprietary mixture- aluminum based powder mixture- with water. The hydrogen gas thus produced can be applied in weather balloons to bigger projects such as running turbines for green energy.

AlumiFuel had in September expanded its family of PBIS by developing PBIS 2 on special demands. The new system generates sufficient hydrogen to inflate a 200g weather balloon within 20 minutes using up to 6 AlumiFuel Cartridges contained in a single reactor vessel. Also its configuration has been modified such that the system operates at ambient (atmospheric) pressure (below 10 psig) so that the user never has to deal with a high pressure system such as the industry standard K-Cylinder (2265 psig).

The Company explains that the helium based weather balloons markets is rapidly switching to the weather balloon lift gas market (due to the scarcity of the prior); and is pegged at $150-$200 million per year.

Shares of AlumiFuel Power Corporation (OTC:AFPW) has spiked almost 306% to $0.01 after the Company had announced receipt of its PBIS 2 order by AFSOC and also by some other military and meteorological users from the US, NATO, and around the world interested in the Portable Balloon Inflation System technology and products.

AlumiFuel Power Corporation operates as a holding company of AlumiFuel Power, Inc. (API) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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