VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp. (PINK:VMCS) Shows Triple Digit Gains On High Volume

VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp.  (PINK:VMCS) on 11th of October, 2011 announced about the major article in the New York Times which evaluates the causes of the crash of old IT models and practices in the giant $20 billion dollar British Health IT program that ended in a resounding debacle.

The Times article describes the British program as “…an ambitious drive to computerize England’s health records and let doctors, clinics and hospitals share patient information.” Stating the UK failure as predictable, Chairman Gerard Dab says, “The project was managed by British Telecom, who shunned physician input and paid the price.”  Implementation was turned over to engineers from major American and Japanese IT service corporations. Not only the attempted inputs from medical schools and physic were not entertained, but Imperial College of London was also disregarded when it recommended doctor-designed medical solutions from VisualMED.

Beyond the delays and unprofessional conduct, there have been almost no thriving implementations even of the apparently simple applications such as e-Prescribing and e-Booking, let alone of EHRs. The fatal engineering bias was also confirmed by Dr. David J. Brailer, former national coordinator for health information technology in the Bush administration.

Coming on the heels of Google’s withdrawal from healthcare, the massive British failure makes it abundantly clear that going forward; institutions must turn to physician-driven solutions like those of VisualMED. The cumulating of these has resulted in deteriorating the position of big IT service companies leading to greater market penetration for the handful of physician-driven companies like VisualMED.

This also reasons out the unexpected growth of VisualMED in the past two years marking a positive trend and indicating no sign of the slowing down as the Company’s first quarter indicates. Revenues for the quarter show a marked increase of more than 400% over the same period last year.

Shares of VMCS surged 111.76% to $0.0180 after climbing about 250% earlier in the session.


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