Flexpoint Sensor Systems (FLXT) Is Showing Unusual Volume

Flexpoint Sensor Systems     (OTC:FLXT) today announced that it has recently entered into a Joint Venture and Marketing Agreement with Victor S.r.l. ofItaly, for the development and marketing of specialty products using Bend Sensor® technology in the auto, marine and truck industry inEurope.

Both the companies have jointly developed custom detectors which can be used in steering wheels fitted with Victor’s patented RimSense Technology.

The companies further stated that it proposes of adapting its patented Bend Sensor® Technology into custom switches that can be placed into the controls mounted on the steering wheel. Victor produces a huge range of automobile products which can be used in cars and trucks for both their OEM and retail business.

Clark Mower, President of Flexpoint, stated that the Joint Venture and Marketing Agreement with Victor would open doors for development with additional products. Further to this he said that Victor representation the European automotive market with its existing products as well as newly developed products would open up new market and gear in additional business to the company.

Victor S.r.l , based in Verona, Italy is a 30-year-old diversified company. With their abilities in design, technology and processing of high quality materials, the company grew from a hand-crafting steering wheel company to a automobile company providing a wide range of products for the automotive, truck and marine industries.

Shares of FLXT are trading flat at $0.160.


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