Allezoe Medical Holdings Completes Licensing Deal For HPV Technology

Allezoe Medical Holdings Inc (PINK: ALZM) soared on Tuesday’s trading session after the company completes exclusive licensing deal for hpv diagnostic technology.

The company has acquired the exclusive license to develop and market patent pending, advanced diagnostic technology for Human papillomavirus (HPV), the world’s leading sexually transmitted infection (STI). An exclusive license has been signed by SureScreen Medical, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allezoe, and AVM Corp., which recently acquired the technology and the pending patent application from its developer, Aequorea Vision Medical, Inc.

As per the terms of the license, SureScreen will develop and market products worldwide using the technology in return for a fixed royalty to AVM, commencing on sales of products using the technology.

Hence, Allezoe now holds the exclusive worldwide rights to this groundbreaking “see and treat” technology which will allow healthcare providers to identify cell damage from HPV instantaneously.

Allezoe’s technology is a crucial counterpart to the vaccine, identifying any pre-existing damage before vaccine administration; importantly, it also offers an important alternative for those who avoid the vaccine due to controversial side effects.

Allezoe Medical Holdings, Inc., formerly Stanford Management Ltd., is focused on developing a portfolio of companies in the medical device, solutions and services sector.

As a result, shares of the company soared 251.82% to $0.0387 in Tuesday’s trading session.


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