Caduceus Software Systems Gains After Announcement

Caduceus Software Systems Corp. (OTC: CSOC) gained 37.04% to $0.0370 in the early hours after the company announced that it will introduce a revolutionary mapping tool to its Caduceus MMS software core.

The Company and the copyright-holder, Sygnit Corp, have been in discussions regarding the development of new features including the Human Anatomical Mapping tool.

This tool provides clinical staff with a graphical system that will allow them to organize patient diagnoses and treatments by anatomical position rather than generalized record list. This visual tool will improve the user interface and increase staff efficiency. This addition improves the accessibility of our product and the opportunity for sales.

Caduceus Software Systems is a software company that specializes in developing an all-in-one solution for private practitioners and doctors. We are in the healthcare information management industry.


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