SportsQuest, Inc. (SPQS) Closed Sharply Higher On shipment News

Maize Pluss, the Subsidiary of SportsQuest, Inc.   (PINK:SPQS), is ready for its first shipment of Vegetable Chips to Colombia, South America for distribution. Cesar Restrepo, President of Maize Pluss expresses his excitement on the demand for their vegetable chip product line both in South America and in the U.S. also. He further shared about the negotiations that the Company is having with New York School District Teachers Union to add the Zabo Gourmet Vegetable Chips to their lunch program.

Marketed as the Zabo Gourmet Vegetable Chips, Maize Pluss Chips are a better alternative to the potato chips so far as the health is concerned, without compromising on the crunchy taste. Focused on providing the best quality, fast and reliable service to the consumer and the food industry, the Zabo Gourmet Vegetable Chips maintains the natural elements like the original color, flavor and nutrition of the vegetable, keeping it away from any use of chemical additives. Providing with the benefits of being low in fat, low in calorie and high in fiber, the chips are crispy and mouth-watering. Also rich in vitamin and mineral matter, these are great for health.

Made from a variety of fresh vegetables cooked at low-temperature in a vacuum cooking, the chips reduce carcinogens. Vacuum cooking is a process to vacuum cook food at a low temperature, retaining more of their natural colors, flavors and nutrition and providing a crisp and delicious savory taste. It also helps prevent the loss of nutrients from the food by cooking at high temperature, thereby making it an ideal technology to produce the next generation of healthy snack foods. Maize Pluss is not just corn; they are also the producer of White Hominy Corn, White Corn Meal, Vegetable Chips, Pop’s Liquid Sunshine BBQ Sauce and many other sauces. However, these products are marketed under the brand names of Bocaditos Snacks and Pop’s Liquid Sunshine.

Shares of SPQS jumped 25% on Tuesday on higher than the average volume.


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