Comtech Telecommunications Corp receives $1.2 million order for Satellite Earth Station Equipment

On Wednesday August 24, 2011, Comtech Telecomm. Corp.   (NASDAQ:CMTL),a development company concerned with the designing, production and marketing of innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications solutions, announced the receipt of $ 1.2 million order for CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modems by its Tempe, Arizona-based subsidiary, Comtech EF Data Corp., placed by a telecommunications operator in Africa.

Comtech EF Data Corp. is a renowned manufacturer of wide varieties of satellite earth station communications products, comprising of Satellite Modems, Bandwidth & Capacity Management, TCP/IP Performance Enhancement Proxies, Encapsulators, Receivers, Frequency Converters, Amplifiers, Transceivers and Terminals. The quality of their products have been consistently remained the same or at par with the standards offered by worldwide and regional satellite networks.

The respective order has been placed to support a telecommunications network in Africa, in order to expand its satellite-based 2G/3G GSM and CDMA network with the utilization of Comtech’s CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modems.

The CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem is incorporated with essential features which enable advanced forward error correction, such as VersaFEC® and Low Density Parity Check codes, with the revolutionary DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier® bandwidth compression, based on the patented bandwidth compression technology originally developed by Applied Signal Technology, Inc. It also permits transmit and receive carriers of a two-way link to share the same transponder space by using Adaptive Cancellation. Thus with the said incorporated technologies, CDM-625 enables users in minimizing OPEX, maximizing throughput and availability without using additional transponder resources and also minimizing CAPEX by allowing a smaller BUC/HPA and/or antenna.

Fred Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp, acknowledged that with the multi-dimensional growth offered by CDM-625, service expansion into remote areas will be cost- effectively facilitated by the operator.

Shares of CMTL jumped 1.22% to $26.56.


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