ePunk launches its first retail location in Dana Point

On Monday August 15,2011, EPUNK INC (PINK:PUNK), an all-encompassing company, primarily concerned with the distribution of on and off-road vehicles, parts and accessories, has gladly announced the opening of its first retail location named PCH Rides(Pacific Coast Highway Rides), in Dana Point of Orange County, California.

PCH Rides located on the Pacific Coast Highway in the high traffic district of Dana Point, California, serving as corporate headquarters for ePunk, Inc. and its various businesses, namely www.CountyImports.com , www.CountyCruisers.com , www.CountyImportParts.com , www.ViperSportUSA.com , www.BidPunk.com and forthcoming www.PCHRides.com , offers a specialized series of inventory along with a self dedicated e-commerce website to support its local mission via www.PCHRides.com. The advertisement about the new location and the prospective product line is being carried out by an assertive social media within the community of Dana Point as well as Southern California city culture.

With the absence of any prospective competitors at par in the respective location, the store aims to capitalize by exposing to approximately 55,000 commuters per day as well as abundant foot traffic from tourists and residents, expecting to accrue a net turnover of more than 1 million in the early 12 months of its operation.

Jesse Gonzales, President and CEO of ePunk, Inc., exclaimed that the new location, Dana Point, known for its high tourist visitation, will serve to be the home base for the operations of the company, which is primarily an Internet based sales company. He further stated that PCH Rides, intends to offer vehicles for sale, such as high-end recreational vehicles like eco-friendly gas powered bikes and scooters, including a line of BMS scooters customized specifically for this higher-end market; as well as electric and non-electric bicycles and provide these uniquly designed vehicles for rent, which are targeted to attract thousands of beach city tourist every year. Hence Dana Point appears to be perfect for PCH Rides.

Shares of PINK soared 41.50% to $0.87 on over 3.27 million shares.


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