Trycera Financial takes over Talk Fusion Business Center by signing Letter of Intent

On Monday August 15, 2011, Trycera Financial Inc (PINK:TRYF), a financial services firm primarily concerned with the delivery of prepaid card programs, prepaid card program management, alternative credit products and financial services, announced its execution of a Letter of Intent (LOI)in order to acquire an existent business center in a prospective growth video email communication company.

The respective LOI is signed in order to enable the company to generate expected annual revenue of up to $1.4 Million with the lucrative utilization of the innovative product. The video email platform offers up to 20 minutes of recorded video to be sent in a single email to multiple recipients, replacing SMS text messages or traditional e-mail, hence it is being utilized by Trycera to enhance the rendition of its personal financial services training and educational messages.

Ray Smith, the President and CEO of Trycera, acknowledged that they are contented to enter into this Letter of Intent, which authorizes them to utilize the effective and innovative network designed to enhance the conveyance of important messages to its consumers regarding their personal and family finances.

Shares of TRYF soared 66.67% to $0.040 on over 1.09 million shares.


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