Revenue Sharing Widget to be extended by uSell to Online Publishers

On Tuesday August 9, 2011,, The Consumer Cash Commerce Platform™ of UPSTREAM WORLDWIDE INC (OTC:UPST) announced that the company intends to offer branded and co-branded widgets which would serve as an effective search engine to find top cash offers for consumer electronics.

The is an all-embracing platform which aims to enable ecommerce and paving an effective way for earning revenue and providing value-added service to its customers. The widget is fully API-driven, thereby enabling the consumers to access all facilities of, including search for electronics for sale such as cell phones, tablets, mp3 players, digital cameras and gaming devices. By connecting with the leading industrial buyers, the site intends to provide its sellers with profitable transaction. The electronics are put to sale for the purpose of its resale, reuse or for environment friendly recycle depending upon their condition.

Douglas Feirstein, Co-Founder and CEO of uSell, acknowledged that the custom widget aims at providing to their publishers with embedding facility of branded or co-branded interface within their website for earning additional revenue. Being an additional sales channel for uSell, the widget aims at elevating the earning capacity of its online partner’s simultaneously encouraging environment friendly recycle process as well as providing its customers with cash.

Christian Croft, VP of Product and User Experience, exclaimed that using the widget is as easy as embedding a youtube video, it involves simple copy and paste procedure of few lines of code to get the widget integrated into virtually any web or Facebook page.

Shares of UPST jumped 7.44% to $0.0130.


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