Graphon Corporation (OTC: GOJO) Appoints Two New Board Members and CTO

Graphon Corporation ( OTC:GOJO), the leading developer of the cloud application delivery and Web-enabling solutions today announced the appointment of John Cronin and Steve Ledger in its board of directors and the appointment of Eldad Eilam as chief technology officer.

Bob Dilworth, chief executive officer of GraphOn stated that such an appointment had strengthened their management team and its board of directors. He further added that the three candidates bought in goodwill with them as followed– John Cronin is an expertise in intellectual property, Steve Ledger adds a critical perspective from a business and financial standpoint, and Eldad Eilam on the other hand contributes extensive technological expertise.

John Cronin is the founder, managing director and chairman of ipCapital Group which is a leading intellectual property strategy firm and a strategic partner of GraphOn.

Steve Ledger is the founder and managing partner at Tamalpais Partners LLC, and a principal investor & advisor of emerging companies. He holds 27 years of work experience as an investor in the emerging technology companies.

ldad Eilam is a technology expert in the Windows operating system, mobile user interfaces, and advanced software development tools. He holds over 15 years of work experience in software technology development. Before joining GraphOn, he was in the technical position at Microsoft and in senior post at Emblaze and Menta Software. Along with this he is the author of the book Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering.

Shares of GOJO soared 6.67% to $0.16.


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