GLG Life Tech Corporation introduces its All Natural Zero Calorie Carbonated Soft Drinks Products

On Thursday August 4, 2011, GLG Life Tech Corp. (TSE:GLG), a leading global supplier of all-natural zero-calorie sweetener used in food and beverages, excessively involved in the agricultural and commercial development of high quality stevia, gladly announced the introduction of AN0C’s adjacent new range of beverage products – zero-calorie carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) for which all the required approvals have been sanctioned by the government for sale nationwide in China. ANOC is a dormant distributor of all-natural zero-calorie food and beverage products in China that are sweetened with Stevin provided by GLG Life Tech Corporation.

Cola and lemon Soda are the two introductory all-natural zero-calorie carbonated soft drinks to be introduced by AN0C. Both its flavor and packaging design has been approved off by the Company’s consumer focus group trials. In the total launch of six new SKUs, the said products will be introduced in three package sizes (355ml cans, 1.25L and 2L formats).

ANOC’s new array of beverage products will be sweetened with FDA approved GLG’s BlendSure high purity stevia extracts. Zero-calorie CSDs produced by OEM is scheduled to be launched at the end of August and ANOC’s distribution of the same along its existing distribution network will be initiated adjacently.

Katzu Cheng, President of AN0C acknowledged that they will be improving their existing distribution channels to boost the mobility of their carbonated soft drinks to the market and that their other plan is to launch another three new categories of AN0C beverages including Children’s Drinks, Juice Milk and Herbal Drinks before the end of September of this year. Hence they are determined to maintain their leading position in the distribution of all-natural zero-calorie beverage and food brand in China.

“All-natural” zero-calorie carbonated soft drink product is the newest attraction in the markets of China, exclaimed Dr. Luke Zhang, Chairman and CEO of both GLG and AN0C. He further stated that the said products constitute the third major category in the existing beverage line of ANOC, and it matches up to the rank of their recently announced Vitamin Nutrition Waters and currently available Ready to Drink teas. The respective launch will sum up the total number of product SKU’s to fifteen for AN0C in 2011and they are looking forward to the launching of more variety of beverage products in the near future living up to the name of ANOC Brand.

Shares of GLG fell 3.10% to $6.88.


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