Nuvilex Inc Announces Positive Results For The Treatment Of Breast Cancer

Today, Nuvilex Inc (PINK:NVLX) announced its positive results for the treatment of breast cancer from preclinical studies.

The victorious results of elimination of breast tumors were attained at preclinical models, in the recently concluded efforts, which used the Nuvilex live-cell encapsulation technology and a combination of two anticancer drugs.

This encapsulated cells utilised in this study were specifically designed to carry both the normal human cytochrome p450 and human cytosine deaminase enzymes at high levels in order to assure transition of both cancer-killing agents.

The result of the Company’s preclinical studies has helped to discover the fact that Nuvilex cell encapsulation technology is capable to be applied to the treatment of breast cancer in order to improve the treatments, effectiveness, toxicity reduction and outcomes for this disease. These studies uncovered an additive effect on destruction of breast cancer cells that was observed during the study.

The study involved placing live, encapsulated cells into the tumors and then it treated animals with two different anticancer agents. Further this study used two different breast cancer models in order to make available a complete assessment for the ability to use this treatment in humans.

These preclinical studies was conducted over mice harboring two different breast cancer types. The process involved implabting encapsulated cells into the breast tumors and then the drugs, ifosfamide and 5-fluorocytosine, were administered to the mice.

Dr. Robert F. Ryan, President and CEO of Nuvilex expressed that they are quiet pleased with the results obtained in these preclinical studies with the combination of their cell encapsulation technology when used with two cancer-killing drugs against breast cancer.

Nuvilex, Inc. operates independently and through wholly owned subsidiaries brings to market scientifically derived products designed to improve the health and well-being.

At 1:27PM EDT, on Friday, the shares of the Company trades were priced at $0.0474 after devolving 3.27% or $0.0016. As of now the shares are trading in the range of $0.05 – $0.06 with market cap of the Company amounting $17.32 million.


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