E-Debit Global Corporation (Public, PINK: WSHE) Announces Finalization of its E-Debit International Inc. National Marketing Program

E-Debit.jpgOn June 14, 2011, E-Debit Global Corporation (Public, PINK: WSHE) has finalized its E-Debit International Inc. national marketing program.

Today, The Company stated in a press release that it has finalized its E-Debit International Inc. national marketing program with an overview on the company’s recent operations.

In an overview, the company said that the introduction to the company’s leasing and exchange program has resulted in increases in the per ATM revenue and site evaluations of at least 20%, 40% to 60% being experienced on the initial lease placements. In addition, it also stated that the introduction of EMV (the payment and security standard for interoperation used for authenticating credit and debit card payments at chip enabled terminals developed for payment systems by Europay, MasterCard and Visa and introduced by the Interac Network) was a technically challenging transition.

Shares of the company jumped 2.50% and are currently trading at $0.0410 with volume of 980,200 shares traded. The market cap of the stock stands at $3.79 million. The 52 week range of the stock is $0.01-$0.18.

E-Debit Global Corporation (E-Debit), formerly Westsphere Asset Corporation, Inc., provides operational and administrative support, as well as financial services and related packages to its subsidiaries


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